Solar Floating System

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A floating system for placing solar panels on the water, developed in partnership with Profloating.

Keywords: product development, R&D, production, quality and certification (material quality test, TÜV tested, impact water test (BS 6920)), product behavior analysis), R&D lab research

In partnership with the company Profloating, we developed and manufactured the solar floating system Flotar® for the production of renewable energy by solar panels on water. See

We designed a flexible and innovative floating system which can withstand the dynamics of water and also severe weather conditions. The system will be effective for high production of renewable solar energy and will not harm the environment nor the water quality. 

We worked with our knowledge partners in designing the materials and product quality of the plastic elements of the Flotar system for a long-lasting endurance. We are testing and improving continuously within our FlotaR&D lab and at the test facilities of our partners. We have also been validating and certifying our system and elements with external research institutions on the several quality specifications as; no impact on water, strength and flexibility capabilities, and long lifetime endurance.

TÜV Rheinland certified Flotar plastics elements (produced by WEP Circular) having a long endurance and strength performance (>15 years) in harsh conditions of cold freezing weather and warm hot weather (Western Europe).
Flotar plastics elements produced of 100% virgin HDPE (sample 1) and elements produced of 100% Recycled HDPE (sample 2) have the same long endurance and strength performances. 
See TÜV Rheinland report of Flotar weather and tensile testing

The solar floating systems is a good solution for renewable energy for supplying energy to the greenhouses of horticultural farmers. The floating systems can easily be installed in the water bassins near the greenhouses of the farmers. A dedicated company is supporting the farmers. See

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