Circular Terrace Panels

Circular Business Concepts

‘Terrace panels made out of recycled wood and plastics, designed so that users can assemble their own balcony or terrace floor.’

Keywords: New product design, Business development, Production, Sales (East-Europe/Italy)

The challenge in society is that all kind of commonly used products needs to be come circular. It starts with smart technological designs and product solutions with recycled waste streams.

An example of a common used product is a terrace panel for gardens and balconies. We have designed a circular terrace panel which can easy be installed by people themselves and is comfortable in use (like not slippery), and will stand long life time in color and performances.

These panels were developed with the aim of repurposing plastic- and wood waste into a strong biocomposite, and are made 100% recyclable. The panels are circular (we can manage a technical close loop chain). Therefore, when a panel is damaged or broken or after usage, it can be recycled to make a new terrace panel. This makes it a basic requirement for a circular business model, where no material is wasted along the process and at the end of use. 

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"Making a social, ecological and economical breakthrough in plastics chains towards circular plastics chains"