Panels – Recycled

Plastic to Products

‘Terrace panels made out of recycled wood and plastics, designed so that users can assemble their own balcony or terrace floor.’

Keywords: Biocomposite (wood-fibre waste + plastics waste), mechanical recycling, 100% recycled

We developed and designed a circular terrace panel. These circular terrace panels are made of biocomposite (a wood plastic composite). They consist of: recycled natural wood fibres, recycled PP plastic polymer and our own additive recipe which stabilizes the construction of the panel.

These panels were developed with the aim of repurposing waste plastic and wood, and are 100% recyclable. We are also capable of making it a circular process, when a panel is damaged or broken or after usage, it can be recycled to make a brand new panel. The raw materials used for its production makes the panel weather-resistant and, in contrast to wood, it doesn’t need any maintenance.

Are you interested to develop a circular product? Of recycled plastics of biocomposite?

"Making a social, ecological and economical breakthrough in plastics chains towards circular plastics chains"