Plastic to Products

Are you currently designing or producing any plastic products that could be made out of recycled plastics instead?

We have developed several products and concepts of combing different waste materials in high-quality products for consumers or business processes which do not harm the environment and health of people. We work from R&D concept, to first prototype and product development. We have organized at commercial scale production of products.

Are you interested in discussing how you can create a product of recycled plastics? Or with other waste materials like biomass?

Would you like to discuss how you can change your existing model into a circular business model?

The following visual gives an impression on how the circular process of mechanical recycling looks like:

Mechanical Recycling process

"A suitable alternative to produce virgin plastic products, and switching to recycled plastic"


01-Circular Business Concepts 02-Plastic to Chemicals 03-Plastic to Products

Circular concepts

Business models can be designed in a circular way from the very beginning: considering the source material streams and searching for ways to reduce waste, energy consumption and costs. READ MORE

Plastic to Chemicals

Chemical recycling is repurposing plastic waste to obtain oil, which can be used to create new plastic materials and also energy. Plastic to Chemicals is a great solution for non-recyclable waste plastic that usually ends up in landfills or being incinerated. So, it can be said that this method closes the molecular loop of plastics. READ MORE

Plastic to Products

Mechanical recycling is the process through which plastic is recycled and directly used to create new products. This method is the alternative to produce (virgin) plastic products, and switching to recycled plastic products. READ MORE

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“What’s your view on circular plastics?”
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